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Tapnaija.com is an online latest news, sport, technology, relationship and religious platform... We serve our reader, commenter, and Posters better by paying for thier services here on tapnaija.
The wide array of publishing styles we offer were specifically designed to assist our readers in making good returns financially while enjoying contents published by our top editors and authors of our news platform.


Tapnaija Nigeria is a brand of news platform that curate news and social happenings all around Nigeria from local, bloggers at large and Nigerian branded newspaper online sites, Apple News, Google News, Punch Newspapers to share to our blogoshpere of readers the latest news.

In turn, by doing this, we also pay our thousands of readers monthly to their Bank account as a way to make Nigerian earn while indulging their time reading news and commenting on our sponsored posts, ads and platforms.


The earning program was launched to curb the social media laziness among Nigerians – we would say, a way you can as well be lazy and make money with it. In otherwords, our system is a way to make your idleness worth it.
Which means, at every point in time you are in your leisure time, in the bus, relaxing by the pool side, waiting for your boyfriend to come pick you by the junction, waiting for mums food to get served or whatever free time, you think you have, as many posts you post on our platform would have added some cash to your account thereby, you get reward for it by the end of the month to your BANK.


Been a Registerd user on tapnaija can earn you cash on monthly basis based on how hard you work on our platform, We gat lot of ways which you can take advantage of our service to get thousands of cash on month Endings.

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Tapnaija income